“Food”, this four letter word is the most important thing in a person’s life. This small word is attached with our lives right from the very beginning of the human race. Food is always at the center of all the activities we do to earn a good living. It is as wide a concept as the oceans.

To eat good and hygienic food is the basic right of every individual. Then why do people insult their basic right, by eating unhygienic and harmfull food. People do so much to earn money and make a good living, but still end up eating food which is harmfull to their health. The reason is the unawareness of the manufacturer.

India is a nation of diversities. Here we find diversity in everything, even in food. Every state, city, and region has their own specialty. India is the only nation having the widest variety of Sweets, Dairy products, Namkeens, Bakery products, etc. The nature of different types of food items is also different. Whatever food we see around us today, all of them have a very delicate nature and are easily vulnerable to micro bacterial activities. Due to the immense progress of science and technology, we know that micro bacterial growth in the food items starts within some time of the preparation. The extreme growth of these micro bacterial activities results in the spoiling of food items.

The micro bacterial growth is present in almost every food item. It grows by the passing of time. Only Food manufactured using food additives and preservation technology remains free from micro bacterial presence for a very long time and is always safe for the human consumption.

Vikalp Techno Center is the most trusted name as a Research and Development Center in Indian Food Industry. Our only aim is to develop the Indian Food Industry with our technologies, knowledge, and years of experience in this industry. Our technologies being completely legal and designed keeping in mind the Food Laws, will always help you climb the stairs of success. Our objective is to stop you from committing mistakes in manufacturing of food products that may lead you to severe fine and punishment under the Law.

Joining hands with Vikalp Techno Center will assure you success, safety, and the sure shot way to immense progress.